Black and White Images . . .

i have always had a preference for B&W images.. Here is a B&W image for a Caribbean sunset that appears elsewhere on the web site. Please let us know what you think!

IMG_2647 B&W.jpg

Photo shoot with model Ivy Lee

If you haven’t seen the images from our shoot with model Ivy Lee this week, you can check it out in the Glamour section of the site (use the menu to navigate to Glamour). This shoot captured some intimate / boudoir-type images that I think you’ll enjoy (18+ only please). Please leave us feedback if you like what you see!

Skyline Drive, Shenandoah National Park

Yesterday, we took a quick trip out to Skyline Drive to enjoy a nice Spring day. Here are a few images from the drive. The pictures with the rocks in the foreground were taken from the Crescent Rock overlook (a little over 3500 feet/1067 meters looking down into the valley).

Haight Ashbury

We just added a few images from our San Francisco trip to the “Locations” section of the web site. included are a number of images from the Haight Ashbury area - - always an interesting place to visit !! Click on the image below to go to the Locations area of the site.

Praying Mantis

For me, one of the most interesting insects that we encounter is the Praying Mantis. Mantises are always welcome in the garden as they have a voracious appetite for other insects. We’ve been watching a praying mantis egg sac for a few weeks and the little guys finally emerged on April 22nd. The small mantises in the images appeared to be about 1/4” / 6.5mm in length. A few images of the event are attached.

A little background for those interested…Each praying mantis egg case will hatch about 100-300 tiny mantises, all at once. In order to hatch they'll need several weeks of warm weather, so they can "sense" that summer (and pest insects for food) has arrived.

Manteses have a complex life cycle, starting with cannibalistic mating and including an extended egg period, followed by a nymph stage and finally adulthood. You can find praying mantis egg sacs naturally in much of North America (you can also buy mantis egg sacs for use in the garden if needed). Females lay eggs on twigs and stems (as shown in the included images) - but you can also find them on walls, fences and other structures.


Aruba wildlife...

While in Aruba, we always enjoy capturing images of some of the local wildlife. This post includes some iguana images, goats wandering on the northern shore, and a feral muscovy duck spotted in the Aruba Bubali Bird Sanctuary. Enjoy and check back often for more!


Sunset in Aruba

And before the day is gone, I wanted to post a couple of sunset images from Aruba…


Initial web site now populated!!


The new web site is now “complete” with the initial content loaded.. You can find images from landscape, nature, glamour, and more. We will continue to add content and have some exciting plans for the web site. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you can do so at Please let us know what you think. You can post comments on the “contact us” page of or on the darklighthouse facebook page or my personal photography facebook page. Thanks for checking in and keep coming back to see more!

Northern California in January

This January we found ourselves in Northern California - Napa to be specific. While many people think of images of Napa and the region with visions of grape vines full of beautiful fruit, in January it’s winter, and the vines are “resting” and being prepared for the next year’s production. But this time of year is still quite spectacular in the vineyards, where the rows of vines are joined by mustard plants used to provide nutrients for the vines. It all makes for some striking images of the region. And yes, that’s me enjoying the sights through the lens.