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Early Fall 2009 at Tappan Lake, Ohio provides some Fall colors that'll be sure to make you smile. <click here>

Have you visited Amador County California? Near Sacramento, Amador provides some of the most beautiful coutryside in California. <click here>

Katydid or Katy didn't? We've all heard these little green critters, but have you really taken a close look? <click here>

Spring 2009 - Here is a collection of just a few of the images from Spring 2009.
<click here>

April 2009 - With Spring here and everything in full bloom, the sounds of the pileated woodpecker can be heard from all around. See images and video of this magnificiant bord. <click here>.

February-March 2009 Aruba Update - Had another chance to visit Aruba late February and early March 2009. Here are some images from the island. As you will see, Aruba is a beautiful island with a unique mix of ocean, landscape, and beauty. <click here>

The Long Night Moon... The Long Night Moon is the last full moon before the winter solstice. But on December 12, 2008 it was even more special! <click here>

Me and Red... Over this last year, it seems that I've developed a bit of a relationship with a local red fox. We have managed to cross paths a number of times while out and about and walking in the woods. This collection provides just a few of the images of my new friend "Red." <click here>

If you look, you can see... Every once in a while it's good to reflect on what you can see if you just look... This collection contains a few images of things that make looking worthwile... <click here>

A trip to Wildwood Lake Sanctuary in Harrisburg, PA is a real treat. There is always wide variety of bird and other wildlife there. This gallery provides just a glimpse of what's in store if you are fortunate enough to visit. <click here>

Box turtles can be a lot of fun to watch, but have you ever noticed their red eyes? <click here>

Spring is that time of year when all critters are busy making more critters ;-) This image collection from May 2008 features a pair of Canadian geese and a pair of goslilngs. <click here>

In April 2008, we had a chance to visit the island of Aruba... Many people visit Aruba to enjoy the outstanding weather, the beautiful ocean, and the many amenities of the resorts. And yes, we did that as well ;-) But we also took the opportunity to travel around the whole island and attempted to capture its enormous beauty in the images contained on this web sits... Bon Bini <click here>

As Spring Approaches... This collection includes images from March 2008... Each year as Spring approaches, the landscape begins to change and the "critter activity index" goes up... Enjoy... <click here>

To begin 2008, we collected some of the images that have been "hanging around" from 2007 and put them here... There's no particular relationship between these images, but enjoy anyway ;-) <click here>

Macro photography can be exciting and fun, but sometimes it just leaves you wondering "what is it"? <click here>



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