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Bon Bini. . . In April 2008, we had a chance to visit the island of Aruba... Many people visit Aruba to enjoy the outstanding weather, the beautiful ocean, and the many amenities of the resorts. And yes, we did that as
well ;-) But we also took the opportunity to travel around the whole island and attempted to capture its enormous beauty in the image galleries listed on this page. Please take some time and visit our Aruba image galleries. Click on the thumbnail images below to visit the galleries.... Click your browser back button to return to this page.
Aruba 2009 update galary is now available <click here>



Aruba Gallery 1 - White Sand and Blue Water

When you think about Aruba, you probably think of white sand and blue water...

Well there's plenty of just that in Aruba. This gallery presents 8 images of the white sand and blue water that attracts so many to the island.
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Aruba Gallery 2 - The North Shore

The North shore of Aruba provides a different view of the ocean in sharp contrast to the white sand and calm waters of Aruba's beaches. A rugged shoreline and crashing waves provide an endless variety sights and sounds. A 4-wheel drive vehicle isn't absolutely necessary to drive the North shore, but it is very difficult without one.

If you like the wind and salt spray in your face - and if you're mesmerized by the sound of the waves crashing into the rocks, then the North shore is a place you just have to visit. This gallery contains 18 images from the North shore. Can you hear the waves?<clidk here to view this image gallery>



Aruba Gallery 3 - Views from Near the Colorado Point Lighthouse

The Colorado Point Lighthouse on the Eastern tip of the island provides some absolutely spectacular views of the Aruba coast and the ocean. As you approach this area from the Southern shore, the coast transitions from white sand and beach to rugged rocks and crashing waves. Among the many sights is a natural bridge formation, carved by the wind and water into the shoreline of the island.

This gallery contains 9 images from the Colorado Point Lighthouse area, which provide yet another unique perspective on the Aruba landscape.
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Aruba rocks and cactus


Aruba Gallery 4 - Rocks and Cactus

One of the things you notice right away as you travel around Aruba (in addition to the trade winds that blow across the island continuously) is the diversity of rocks and cactus -- and lots of both! This gallery contains 15 images that provide just a taste of the variety of rock and cactus on the island. <clidk here to view this image gallery>

If you're interested in learning a bit more about the geological origins of Aruba, click <here>. This link opens a PDF document in your browser.

Aruba sunsets


Aruba Gallery 5 - The Setting Sun

The setting sun, water, and sand - there's nothing more to say... This gallery contains 5 images of evening beauty in Aruba.
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Aruba sights


Aruba Gallery 6 - Sights from Around the Island

This gallery contains 32 images from around Aruba. These images provide just a snapshot of the island's rugged terrain, its local color, and the things that make the island such a great place to visit.
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More Information About Aruba

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